Babolex: establishing a contemporary artist on the modern art & NFT scene

Vincent Faudemer is a French contemporary artist. He creates statuettes in chrome, representing characters from our childhood. His work has become a must-have for modern art galleries and private collections in Paris, Los Angeles, Monaco, Dubai, Geneva, and beyond. The artist reinvented art by imagining new formats and collaborations: trading cards, customizable sculptures, magic books, NFT collections, and even video games! I had the chance to collaborate with the artist in creating his brand, his 360┬░ digital experience, and these modern artifacts.

  • Agency Freelance
  • Timeline During 1 year
  • Release date January 2021
  • Platforms Shopify, Omnisend, Instagram, Facebook


Brand strategy

When I first met Vincent, he was struggling with an old website, poor quality art photography, and no visual identity. I started by defining a brand strategy to reach hard-to-find modern art collectors. Vincent wanted to manage his communication on his own, using social media as his primary means of communication.

Defining the brand positioning

I explored several brand positions in terms of values and image to reach the target of art connoisseurs.

A name designed as a brand

For a name to become an iconic brand, it needs an original logo that stands out as a statement.



Web experience´╗┐

"I want to be my own art gallery." From this ambitious idea, I started to think of the website as a real art gallery that could sell works for several thousand euros online. I tried to find the perfect balance between the elegance and austerity of an art gallery and the reassuring standards of e-commerce. The most difficult challenge was to realistically render the artwork in 3D: chrome sculptures and mirror painting reflections are very hard to deal with! 



conversion rate


unique visitors


Repeat customer rate


Social Medias

Since Vincent Faudemer has become his own art gallery, he must promote himself. With a social media and online ad strategy, mainly focused on Facebook and Instagram, he have expanded his community of followers from 350 K to 1.3 M. I made hyper-realistic 3D Instagram & Facebook posts of his work, set in beautiful and luxurious locations. I also made several Instagram video stories to promote his work to art collectors around the world.



Trading Art Cards

Vincent Faudemer had the incredible idea of creating a collection of trading cards, representing his character. "It's like Pokemon cards but for modern art!" He wrote an adventure, where his character travels to the 7 Wonders of Worlds, collecting treasures and jewels. With Vincent Faudemer and an illustrator I recruited, I created all the cards and an iconic blister. The success of these trading cards has far exceeded our expectations!


cards designed


blisters sold

Diving into the trading cards design

The trading card aspect is essential. Collectors appreciate the smallest details and embellishments. We came up with as many ideas as possible before we started anything.


Envisioning the "Art Trading Card"

Vincent Faudemer imagined everything: the story, the value of the cards and their rarity, and the hidden symbols. I designed seven families of cards with different colors with the help of an illustrator.

A blister that takes us back to childhood

Collectors are big kids! To reach the artist's idea of reconnecting adults with their childhood, I designed a package like the ones you would find in stores.

An international edition

After the success in France, Vincent Faudemer decided to translate his trading cards into English. I created a new color packaging and imagined a new back side.


Shopify & NFT Art 

Always in search of new formats for his ideas, Vincent Faudemer, has created several NFT collections. I created landing pages on the Shopify website to communicate about the projects but also to sell the artwork directly in euros and find a way to transfert the NFT to buyers' wallets via Shopify. I also created emails and Instagram & Facebook campaigns to spread the word about the project. It was a huge success, with several thousand NFTs sold in a few seconds, I'm talking seven-figure revenues!


"Mathieu excels in art direction thanks to his strong visual culture and many years of experience in the field. He produces high-quality work in record time, which makes him a great teammate!"

Vincent Faudemer, Artist

Selection of works


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