Pixelogy is the art of mixing pixels

I shake up your ideas and turn them into a memorable experiences. My recipe is unique. My results are exquisite!

What is Pixelogy ?


I'm Mathieu Avons, I'm a French designer. For more than 15 years, I have learned to master Product Design, Branding, and UX and UI Design. I create memorable brand and digital experiences for artists, startups, entrepreneurs, and small or big companies.

I've designed brands and a full range of products for TAG Heuer, OrelSan, LVMH, Pernold Ricard, Dior, Leocare, Olino, Vincent Faudemer, PourDemain, Foodchéri, Yellow Korner, Sarenza, Celio, Natures & Découvertes, Libération, JLL, EDF, Suez, SNCF, and more.


I'm a Pixelogist

I design with people in mind

I create straightforward and beautiful things that simply work. I don't chase the hype or awards. I chase problems and solve them!

Mix it. Shake it. Blend it. Deform it. Transform it. Duplicate it. Copy it. Paste it. Sharpen it. Mix it. Shake it. Blend it. Deform it. Transform it. Duplicate it. Copy it. Paste it. Sharpen it. Mix it. Shake it. Blend it. Deform it. Transform it. Duplicate it. Copy it. Paste it. Sharpen it.

I craft pixels with savoir-faire

I mastered both 2D and3D software programs such as Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Sketch, as well as traditional techniques like sketching, drawing, painting, and photography, and I am experienced with Agility & Design Thinking methodology. 

I am multifaceted

I don't limit myself to one role. I'm a freelancer and an entrepreneur and I believe we can be good in many fields.

I'm an art director, a brand designer, a user researcher, a UX designer, a UI designer, an illustrator, a front-end developer, a product designer, and I never stop learning! 


I am where people & pixels are


Design Thinking

I am able to carry out the entire methodology from research to the deployment of your solution.


User Research

I meet your users needs by organizing face-to-face interviews, card sorting, in-field exploration, experts interviews, and more.



I find with you the best positioning for your brand and imagine a visual identity that looks like you!


UX Design

I frame your experience and build your information architecture, your prototypes or MVP, and then test and iterate until it's perfect.


UI Design

I design your mockups, export and optimize your assets for development, and build your Design System or guidelines if needed.


Illustrations & 3D Renders

I draw what you want, in the style you prefer, by hand, on Illustrator or in 3D. I can even create photorealistic product renderings.


Social Media mockups

I create original templates for your posts and stories to communicate on Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, and other networks. And I also know how to automate your posts!


Creative & Project Management

I find the best talents for you and look after them, so that they can express their creativity and work in the best possible conditions.


E-commerce/Shopify expertise

I deploy all the best e-commerce practices to increase your revenues and distinguish your brand from your competitors.


I grew up with digital

2021, Freelance

Transition: Imagined the branding and packaging of a product line

Branding, Packaging

2021, Freelance

Cheerz.com: Coached the design team in building their Design System & UI

Design System, Creative Management

2020, Haigo

TAG Heuer Connected Watch: Designed the watch and companion iOS/Android apps

User Research, Product Design, UX & UI

2020, Haigo

AXA: Built an international Design System 

UX Design, UI Design, Product Design

2020, Haigo

Dior Star: Prioritized functionalities for the vendor app and Designed the UI 

User Research, Design Thinking

2020, Haigo

EDF Projet Y: Coached +100 employees in Design Thinking methodology

Facilitation, Design Thinking

2020, Haigo

BPI France: Helped SME and small businesses to digitalize their businesses

User Research, Design Thinking, Product Design

2020, Haigo

Yellow Korner: Built a new photography e-commerce experience 

User Research, Product Design, UI & UX Design

2020, Haigo

HEC, Strate, 42: Coached students in Design Thinking

Facilitation, Design Thinking

2019, PwC The Experience Center

Leocare: Revolutionized the insurance experience with an app

Product Design, UX & UI Design

2019, PwC The Experience Center

JLL NxT Office: Revolutionized the search for business premises through an augmented experience

User Research, Product Design, UI & UX Design

2018, PwC The Experience Center

MACSF: Created an insurance subscription & onboarding experience for students

User Research, Product Design, Illustration

2017, PwC The Experience Center

FoodChéri: Created the branding of a food startup 

Design Thinking, Creative Management

2015, Nealite

Celio.com: UI Design for an international fashion responsive website

UI Design, Art direction, E-mailing

2015, Nealite

Sarenza.com: Designed one of the first responsive e-commerce website and coached the team

Design Thinking, Art Direction, UI Design


Whether your project is mature or not, we're always happy to chat with you and help you move forward. Oh, and if you like cocktails like we do, we know the best places for them, just ask !