Avnier.com: a brand new Shopify experience

Avnier is a streetwear brand created by the successful rapper OrelSan and the Swiss designer Sébastien Strappazzon. Initially focused on fashion, the brand has done a 180° to specialize in designing clothes for professionals in the audiovisual and film industries. I was approached by the team to reimagine the brand image and online experience for this new niche positioning. I worked as an integral member of the team.

  • Agency Freelance
  • Timeline 4 months
  • Platforms Shopify, Klavyio
  • Release date June 2022


Experience Design

For this project, I worked as product owner, UX & UI Design. I spent a full week imagining a concept model of the target vision. Then we benchmarked a lot of sites to identify key features and ideas. The whole team listed and evaluated functionalities and we established a one-year roadmap. Finally, I built the essential UX tools: hand sketched prototypes, IA structure, and interactive prototypes.

Knowing your market and competitors

I listed, captured, and evaluated the best features from direct and indirect competitors.

Avnier - Clevy - Olino (Riskee) - Cheerz-
Dior - Leocare - Orelsan - JLL
Tag Heuer - LVMH - Sarenza - Yellow Korner

Finding the right recipe

Each feature has been listed and evaluated according to its cost, business potential, and interest for the brand.


Building a future-proof structure

Taking a long-term view of the site's architecture ensures that the browsing and user journey will be functional and intuitive for years to come.

Draw the final vision from the start

Rapid hand sketching is a very fast and efficient design technique that makes a website tangible from the beginning of the project.

Designing and iterating until it's perfect

These mock-ups allowed us to validate all the functionalities at a level of detail close to what will be pushed online. These prototypes can be tested and modified quickly.


Brand & UI design

For a fashion brand, image is everything. With OrelSan, Sébastien Strappazon, and the product team, we worked to find the perfect balance between a "fashion" and a "backstage" atmosphere. This exercise helped us define photographic guidelines very early in the project and anticipate future shots of the collection. 

Diving into countless sources of inspiration

Using a giant moodboard, this workshop allowed teams to share their preferences for one style or another and to define the contours of the future identity.

Finding the brand formula

I created a unique and simple visual system inspired by cinema, audiovisual elements, and easy-to-find stock photography.




Design is not just about making something usable and beautiful. It's also about providing the right tools for teams so they can collaborate and bring their brand to life. I provided the teams with everything they need to become 100% independent with their Shopify. If they don't need me anymore, then I've done my job!

Be independent on Shopify

I built reusable, customizable, and responsive blocks so that the teams can bring their website to life on their own, create landing pages without paying a designer or a developer again.

Pixel perfect delivery

All assets were delivered in normal/retina screens with all the guidelines and CSS code references. Also, everything has been optimized for web performance.


Making sure that all photos are ok

I provided photography guidelines, accessible with a simple link, so that all the operational and creative teams know exactly what to produce.

Keeping track of everything

With so many meetings, phone calls, and workshops, it's easy to fall behind. I centralized all the ideas, tasks, reports of the team online and I kept the work progress up to date.



Mockups designed


Conversion rate


breakpoints delivered


As a product design freelancer, Mathieu helped us totally rethink and reshape AVNIER's branding and web experience. He enabled us to double our KPIs, answered our customers’ needs to the fullest, and provided them with a unique and original shopping experience. He is one of those rare, talented designers who handles all the business, design process, and art direction aspects of a project. He’s a real asset to any company!

Myriam Aïlo, General Manager @ Avnier


"Mathieu excels in art direction thanks to his strong visual culture and many years of experience in the field. He produces high-quality work in record time, which makes him a great teammate!"

OrelSan, Founder of AVNIER


"Mathieu excels in art direction thanks to his strong visual culture and many years of experience in the field. He produces high-quality work in record time, which makes him a great teammate!"

OrelSan, Founder of AVNIER


Ahélya Randria

UX Designer, Product Owner

Grégoire Flouré

Front & Back Shopify developer

Charlotte Rozé

Brand Manager

Gabriel Chesnelong

Graphic Design & Photographer

Vincent Aubin

Fashion product Manager

Hanna Anthony


Sébastien Strappazzon


Aurélien Contentin

aka OrelSan, Founder

Myriam Aïlo

General Director, Supervisor

Selection of works


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