TooStrong: stand out in the competitive world of life coachs

When Tacha B, an entrepreneur and life coach, launched her new coaching business for women, she asked me to find a name and create the associated branding. I interviewed her about her vision, business strategy, passion for helping others, personal tastes and wishes and more. I discovered that she was deeply passionnate about art and the image of the woman throughout time. Together, we imagined a powerful name and strong and memorable branding that fits her personality.

  • Agency Freelance
  • Timeline 1 month
  • Release date September 2020
  • Supports Social Networks, Print, Slides



When I accompany an entrepreneur who is setting up their business, I like to propose many things. I start by opening up a lot of very different concepts, which we refine as we go along until we have something solid. The process is very creative and easy for my client, since everything is visual. I prefer to do it, rather than just talk about it.

Exploring different concepts

I proposed three different brand concepts, all very colorful, funny, and artistic. Branding that looks like Tacha personality.


Searching for a name and a logotype

We explored many possible names and logotypes. We finally chose the name "Too Strong" with an infinity sign. It symbolizes how you never stop improving and learning throughout your life.


Photo collages as brand langage

By superimposing classic portraits of women with modern photographs, we symbolize the change of state. The one we are in and the one we can become. I created collage portraits and a process to make them from free stock photography and scanned public domain paintings.


Exploring fonts, shapes and typography




Once we're sure we've explored all the creative avenues, I stabilize a final version and work out all the details. I make sure that the identity is easy to use on all media formats and platforms. Then, I produce the graphic elements (logos, iconography) so that they are usable, and I write the rules of use.



Good branding is above all well documented branding. I wrote a complete document explaining all the rules of use for the typography, colors, and logotype. I also gave private lessons to Tacha B. so that she can work on all these creations independently. I also created easy-to-use templates for PowerPoint and social media posts.


Selection of works


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